Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hi guys!!...

Funniest memory that I never forget??hmm…this is my topic for my public speaking class for this week. Oh my God…what should I story about? What kind of story I should type? Because, I have a lot of funnies memory that I will never forget. Help me…hihihi…

The funniest memory that I will never forget is when I in a primary school, that time I in standards 6. That time, I taken the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR). So, in the evening and night time, I and my classmate got many extra class for our exam. One day, I arrived early at school. Simultaneously waiting for teacher and other classmate, I and other classmate to talk idly. In the middle of our chatting, some of my classmate come and want to seat near my place. By the way, before she seat, I throw away the chair and she was dropped to down. The way she dropped down really like bad jackfruit fall to earth. It so funny. All of my classmate laugh at her. By the way, after she dropped down, I pick her up and give a chair to her. I also say sorry to her. I not have any intend to do to her. It is a suddenly action forward to her. She forgive me. It because I and my classmate include her is a naughty student. But not really naughty it mean a joke with friends. By the way, she also do like this to me. So it is her revenge. But not to serious. It because we is a good friend. We and my other classmate is very closed. All activity we do together. So, no wonder if she cannot angry or don’t want to apologies to me. Suddenly, our teacher was coming and we stop to laugh. Afraid if our teacher angry because laugh with loud. After that incident, we to be more friendly each other and she very careful to seat near me. I also carefully with her. Afraid if she want reply the revenge to me. hahaha. really funny. After taken the UPSR, we go to the same secondary school until to PMR. When we in Form 4, I move to Kuala Lumpur and school at Kuala Lumpur. By the way, until now, we still contact each other and if we meet each other, we must to lever with timber about that. I cannot forget about that. It really fun and make me laugh. I hope it never lost in my mind. hahaha. When I bethink about that, how naughty I am in my primary school. hiks..

Ok guys. I think that all for this entry. I hope it also make you all funny. Bye. See you guys in next entry.

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