Thursday, March 5, 2009

healthy lifestyle

Hi guys.

For this topic, I want to start my entry with one question ? Do you want healthy lifestyle? I’m very sure that all of us want to live a healthy lifestyle. Same with me. There are so many ways that we can do to make sure we manage to have a healthy lifestyle. You can start with make sure that you drink at least 8 glass of plain water throughout the whole day. This is very important because water will help to boosting your energy and help to clean the whole system in our body. Besides that, you should have healthy eating habits. You have to make sure that everyday you must have a balance meal. Its mean that you must eat meal that provide you with all the vitamins and the mineral that you must have. Its include carbohydrate, protein and many more. You also should add more fruits and vegetables to your meal because this two food are very good for your health. Many people do not know benefits that they can get from eating more fruits and vegetables. Other than that, you also must avoid from taking food that contains high calories, fat, preservatives and also sugar. This kind of food will bring many health problems to our body like high blood pressure and also diabetes.

Besides having healthy eating habits, we have to make a commitment to ourselves to do exercise and you have to make sure its continue and do not stop there. Maybe you can start with jogging or walking at least twice per week or go to the gym. You should discipline yourself to follow and stick with your exercise schedule. There are thousand of ways that you can do to achieve a healthy lifestyle and you should remember that creating a healthy lifestyle cannot be done by drastic changes like not eating, but you must done it in simple step first and try to add in the step one by one. So you have to choose which way are more suitable for you and make sure you build a commitment to have a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

child abduction

Hi guys…

For this entry, I must publish about child abduction. Very serious topic I think. Cases of child abduction increase from time to time. A lot of cases we see on newspaper, television that report about the missing children. They where so small and innocent. We cannot feel how scared are they when suddenly far from their family. Some of the cases, they have been killed like in Nurin Syazlin case and most of them still cannot be found until now. We do not know what really happen to them. Are they still alive or dead? So terrible and heart broken especially to the family involved. I just cannot think what will happen to my family if that happen to us.

In my opinion, it is the responsibility of parents and the family to protect their own family members. Parent especially should monitor their children all the time especially when they are outside. Older person to take care of them should accompany them. Identify any strangers that you feel suspicious and report to the police to avoid this abduction cases from happen. We also have to tell to the children about safety when they are outside because they still small and cannot think properly. Tell them not talk to strangers and do not follow them to anywhere.

Lastly, I hope most of us must careful with people around us. It not means that we cannot believe them but just be careful, because prevention is better from cure right? Responsibility to children is ours. Start taking initiative before it is too late. When everybody gives full commitment, I really hope we will not see this cases happen again. I think that’s all for this entry..


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hi guys.

I am sure all of you have a favorite past time. So do I. Do you know why my new entry is about my favorite past time? Ok, let me tell you. I write this entry for my public speaking assignment that I have to submit to my lecturer before 6th February 2009. Therefore, here we go…

About the favorite past time, most of us fill our free time with useful activities and do things that we like. . Same with me. . During my free time, I love reading magazines and novels. Other than that, I also love singing and karaoke with my friends sometime when we hang out together I also love listen to music. Pop Rock and Ballad are my favorite’s genre. I also do listen to other genre if I found it sound nicely and suits me especially when its from my favorite artist like Stacy, My chemical Romance, Avril Lavigne, Steel hearts, Richie Ren Xian Qi, Pan Wei Bu, Chris Brown and many more.

Besides that, I also surf the net during my free time and I spend most of my time in front my laptop. We can get many information and current issue from internet. It is also good especially when I searching information when I do my assignment. Everything is in there. You can learn so many new things from internet but for sure you have to be selective with the content. We can know so many things from around the world. Like the war in Gaza, world financial crisis, increasing price of petroleum and many more. You just name it and its all in your fingertips.

Besides surfing for news and information, I also chat with my friends using Yahoo Messenger and sometime Skype. We can talk to each other, singing in conference, exchange file, picture, and many more activities. I meet many new friends here and we are so close even we did not meet even once. Shopping also one of my favorite activity during free time. Not only women like to shopping okay…I love shopping when I’m not in a good mood. Therefore, I will release my tension with hang out with my friends.


I think that all for this entry. See you next time. Bye guys. Thanks.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Hi guys….

Landslide?? Yes. This is the title for my entry. I’m sure all of you will be scared when hear about landslide. Me too . On 6th December of last year, we was shocked by tragic news about landslide that was happen at Bukit Antarabangsa, Hulu Klang. During that disaster , 14 house was flattened by landslide and if I’m not mistaken , 5 victims were died in that tragedy. It was very terrible and heart breaking. .

When I heard about that news, what come across to my mind was to call my girlfriend. And to ask about her and her family. It because she live at Taman Bukit Utama, at Bukit Antarabangsa. I’m so scared if anything happen to her and family. I really love them so much. . Thank god, she answered the phone and I was so relieved when hear her voice and she tell me that whole family were safe except Izara, her lovely Persian cat. She was so sad because all family members loved Izara so much. Izara was treated like a family members not just as a cat. Besides that, they also lost their house because of the landslides. Their house was totally damaged and cannot be save. During that time, they and other victim were asked to move to the school nearby as protection place for temporary. My girlfriend and family was choose to move to her grandmother’s house not far from that place. Now her father already bought new house for them at Damansara Utama.

About the landslide, reports by geologist have shown that the reason of why it is happen was because of the water movement in the land that due to the heavy rain for long time. Besides that, land structure at hills was not suitable to build a house. Its become a habits for rich people to build up house at hills because of the great scenery there, but they forget what was the main reason they build up a house. It’s for safety and protection to us and family. I really hope this tragedy will make all of us aware about dangerous around us that sometime we not think off. There are many other places that have beautiful scenery and at the same time were safe to live. Take action before its too late. I think that’s all for my entry this time..

Bye guys. See next entry.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hi guys!!...

Funniest memory that I never forget??hmm…this is my topic for my public speaking class for this week. Oh my God…what should I story about? What kind of story I should type? Because, I have a lot of funnies memory that I will never forget. Help me…hihihi…

The funniest memory that I will never forget is when I in a primary school, that time I in standards 6. That time, I taken the Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR). So, in the evening and night time, I and my classmate got many extra class for our exam. One day, I arrived early at school. Simultaneously waiting for teacher and other classmate, I and other classmate to talk idly. In the middle of our chatting, some of my classmate come and want to seat near my place. By the way, before she seat, I throw away the chair and she was dropped to down. The way she dropped down really like bad jackfruit fall to earth. It so funny. All of my classmate laugh at her. By the way, after she dropped down, I pick her up and give a chair to her. I also say sorry to her. I not have any intend to do to her. It is a suddenly action forward to her. She forgive me. It because I and my classmate include her is a naughty student. But not really naughty it mean a joke with friends. By the way, she also do like this to me. So it is her revenge. But not to serious. It because we is a good friend. We and my other classmate is very closed. All activity we do together. So, no wonder if she cannot angry or don’t want to apologies to me. Suddenly, our teacher was coming and we stop to laugh. Afraid if our teacher angry because laugh with loud. After that incident, we to be more friendly each other and she very careful to seat near me. I also carefully with her. Afraid if she want reply the revenge to me. hahaha. really funny. After taken the UPSR, we go to the same secondary school until to PMR. When we in Form 4, I move to Kuala Lumpur and school at Kuala Lumpur. By the way, until now, we still contact each other and if we meet each other, we must to lever with timber about that. I cannot forget about that. It really fun and make me laugh. I hope it never lost in my mind. hahaha. When I bethink about that, how naughty I am in my primary school. hiks..

Ok guys. I think that all for this entry. I hope it also make you all funny. Bye. See you guys in next entry.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1st entry


thiz is my 1st entry wit diz blog....huhuhu...well..i actually already have a blog....but...coz of my subject dat i taken thiz must make a blog to post a topic dat was given by my lec....ok..dat all for now....daa..