Tuesday, February 17, 2009

child abduction

Hi guys…

For this entry, I must publish about child abduction. Very serious topic I think. Cases of child abduction increase from time to time. A lot of cases we see on newspaper, television that report about the missing children. They where so small and innocent. We cannot feel how scared are they when suddenly far from their family. Some of the cases, they have been killed like in Nurin Syazlin case and most of them still cannot be found until now. We do not know what really happen to them. Are they still alive or dead? So terrible and heart broken especially to the family involved. I just cannot think what will happen to my family if that happen to us.

In my opinion, it is the responsibility of parents and the family to protect their own family members. Parent especially should monitor their children all the time especially when they are outside. Older person to take care of them should accompany them. Identify any strangers that you feel suspicious and report to the police to avoid this abduction cases from happen. We also have to tell to the children about safety when they are outside because they still small and cannot think properly. Tell them not talk to strangers and do not follow them to anywhere.

Lastly, I hope most of us must careful with people around us. It not means that we cannot believe them but just be careful, because prevention is better from cure right? Responsibility to children is ours. Start taking initiative before it is too late. When everybody gives full commitment, I really hope we will not see this cases happen again. I think that’s all for this entry..


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